Salomon Bendayan


Salomon has been a resident of Miami for over 45 years. He started his Real Estate career in the early 90’s as a Commercial Property investor primarily in the Downtown Miami area. He quickly acquired market knowledge and experience through acquisition of office condominiums, renovating them and leasing them to local business tenants.

As Salomon’s personal Real Estate business continued to grow and thrive, he obtained his Real Estate Broker license in 2005 and by his second year as a Broker, he was managing his investor’s portfolios valued at over $50 Million in commercial and residential assets, which he continues to manage to this day.

That investment effort brought him to North Miami. As he was looking for new markets to invest in residential Real Estate, he noticed that most of the area listings were listed by agents from everywhere but North Miami, and furthermore, there were no Retail Street level Agencies to speak of in the area. So, in 2018, after 14 years of Brokerage experience, Salomon decided to open a boutique Real Estate Firm in North Miami called Virtue Realty.

After less that one year of establishing Virtue Realty, we have become one of the best-known Agencies in the area, with over 20 agents, dozens of listings and a commitment to serving our newly beloved community.

Salomon is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. In his spare time, he enjoys staying in shape with his wife, Silvia, and spending time with their adult children and their families living right here in North Miami.